Mark Parsons we met purely by chance that day. After all, neither LuLu nor myself knew who he was. Once introductions were made an I cant recall for what reason we stopped at the VSA gallery booth, Mark explained that he knew of Roger Smith Hotel. Not only did he know of Roger Smith Hotel he also knew of James Knowles who was by mere folly our executive producer. We agreed that day that the world was not small enough.

It was only ten years ago that Mark had a show in the lab gallery on the corner of 47th and lexington in NYC. That same Lab gallery that Roger Smith Hotel still operates to this da. We spoke to Mark about several matters... the conversation always swirling back to one question, who is in control?

The final verdict: Mark is the type of guy that when you meet him, you think you know him immediately. He radiates that old time charisma that makes him so familiar. It is that quality that makes getting to know Mark and his work so unbiased. Sometimes we wish that the artist was more full of themselves so that we can expose their pompousness for the sake of the viewer, unfortunately for us, Mark contradicts that dramatic approach, once again leaving us with something a lot more sincere .

check out these links to learn more about Mark and VSA:

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