State of the Disunion
Digital video – 3 channel installation – 5 min - 2008

Media artist: Guillermina Zabala

Butoh dancers: Abel Coelho, Barbara Ann Puoski-Ruboles, and Jordan Hawkins
Lighting Designer: Luis Castillo


This installation consists of three experimental videos.

In a surreal and metaphorical way, each video explores the consequences of repression and the abuse of power by a supposedly democratic government. In the videos, three dancers explore movements from Japanese Butoh dance while the videos’ soundtrack utilizes media sound bites and electronic sound effects. In one of the videos, State of Disunion 3, the dancers experiment with the feelings, sensations, and atmosphere of a society being under watch in the name of freedom. In State of Disunion 1, the dancers act feelings of anger, desperation, violence, discrimination, and torture while hearing George W. Bush’s State of the Union speech.

The contrast of sound and images reminds us of the contrast between truth and the official story.

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