Exclusive footage from the new upcoming FilmRaiseIT High School documentary. This video was made by the stories of everyday High School students in Chandler, Arizona attending Hamilton High School.

Briana Wilson in her own words:
In brief, my parents separated when I was a toddler, so I spent my childhood living with my mother and only seeing my father (who had moved to California) on school breaks. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, and without even the doctors knowing, the cancer began to spread. Just last year, my father suffered a stroke due to an undiagnosed tumor in his brain. He was pronounced dead before my plane even landed in California. Most people don't know this, but my mom and I are now in grave financial hardship as she has still been seeking a job over the last few years. But, alas, I have not let my school work be affected by my personal life: I remain a distinguished scholar as I pursue the most rigorous courses offered at Hamilton in addition to being co-president of the school's comedy improv team and racking up over 200 volunteer hours. :)

Music: Vital Deshawn - Airport officialvital.com

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