- Sri Lanka and the UNHRC - the Government's response
The days leading up to the 19th Session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva saw Government officials
making public statements countering allegations leveled against the Sri Lankan state on Human Rights &
Accountability issues.
They have called on Sri Lankans to show their support at this time, by coming onto the streets and
condemning what they call an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka.

- Dr. P Saranavamuttu on human rights, accountability and the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka
To find out more about the hearings, and their significance to Sri Lanka, as well as the US
backed resolution on Sri Lanka – Jovita talked to civil society activist Dr. Sarvanamuttu-about
what the people of Sri Lanka, would like to see as the outcome.

- Update on Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka
A recently released report by the International Crisis Group, flagged the issue of violence and safety
of women in the north. The Government however has not accepted the contents of the report which
highlights the link between militarization and the security of women. We find out more on about these
aspects, beginning with the general situation of violence against women – from Women in Need, an
organization that has long been working o n the issue of Violence Against Women in Sri Lanka.

- Mannar Women appeal for action
Women from 9 villages in Mannar appeal against the setting up of an Army camp in the vicinity,
as it would restrict their access to the only water source in the area & also curtail their freedom of

- The Art of Becoming : Colombo Art Biennale 2012
The present times have been described as one of rapid change as the past merges with future, ever
faster and more unpredictably, and we are all caught up in the constant movement – sometimes
without understanding it or the direction it is taking us. We see how artists use the opportunity to help
us reflect and question our world – at the 2nd Colombo Art Biennale of 2012.

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