"So Ed asked if I would write a little blurb about snowboarders needing coaches, so
here you go. I think that in this day and age snowboarding is very defined. You
have free riders, park and urban riders, and comp. riders. This is a very stereo
typical round up of a few "groups" of riders and this can obviously be broken down
way further than this, but to simplify what I am saying, let's just pretend that
these "are" the groups of riders these days. In regards to comp. riders and the
level that they are riding, I would think it makes perfect sense to have some type
of coach or trainer. The consequences are so high that it is probably in the riders
best interest to be in top shape and practice and be critiqued daily. But for all
the other types or groups of riders, I do not think you would need a coach.
Snowboarding is from the soul and your born with your style...so tap into your
creative side and let it rip...forget about what someone thinks and just do what you
do...you will evolve naturally and you will progress! "

I hope this works and in some way makes sense to what I say in the interview.



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