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'The Swedes' is a video about two months of skating in Sweden. The winters here are very harsh and weather conditions are very bad! This leaves us with approximately two months of habitable climate. Our objective with the video was to have as much fun as possible filming, skating and editing. And we hope you can feel this vibe while watching the video.

Kenth Ulvedal, Joakim Lundberg, Joachim Wall, Jack Ekholm, Christopher Herdman, Santiago Gende Estellano, Jonas Lauria, Rickard Karlsson, Michael & Tobias (DK), Jacob Juul (DK), Martin Bergstrand, Josef Marnell, Igor Jovanovic, Peter Kallio, Pat "Iceman" Ståhl, Nicklas Persson, Anders Bergén, Olav Norheim, Kuba, Jonny Rösäter, Jojje Nyberg, Bruno, Putte Johansson, Peter Jutemar +A FEW

Created by - Christopher Herdman

Directed by - Matts Barrett

Santiago Gende Estellano, Christopher Herdman, Matts Barrett, Max Cortes, Carl-Johan "Oa" Sevedag, Rickard Karlsson, Igor Jovanovic, Anders Bergén, Vincent Lindgren, Joachim Wall, Joakim Lundberg, John Rosenlund, Micke Karlsson, Thomas Vega, Johanna Wall

Editing - Matts Barrett
VFX / Motiongraphics - Matts Barrett & Niklas Grahn

Intro - Carl-Johan "Oa" Sevedag & Martin Wiklund
Kenth Ulvedal - "D.O.D - What Happened"
Joakim Lundberg - "The Fall - Wolf Kidult Man"
Friends Part 1 - "Metronomy - The Bay"
Friends Part 2 - "Ken Ring - Förort"
Joachim Wall - "Rage Against The Machine - We Want It All"
Credits - "Beastie Boys - I Don't Know"

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