I want to take this time to thank all the people that worked at Grenade, Rode on the team, or supported the cause. As Jason Bayne would say, "Thanks for Keeping the scene alive!". You guys really touched my life in the time we spent together. I hope i touched you guys in some way....hahaha. Sadly, we have all seen the explosion the was Grenade. Some things blow up, some things blow out, and some things make MMA gear. I dont know what is worse, prolly MMA and the fact that we let another outsider into our sport just to Exploit it for money and ruin something special at the same time. Grenade was WAY better off run by snowboarders with snowboarders in the warehouse! So what, some orders got packed wrong, we tried our best. Yes, we shipped late but i remember Wan ChoW freezing his ass off in Mammoth trying his best to get the orders out in time. The point is we were trying our best and there was really something magical there. I touched it.
Steve "Wan Chow" Wanchowski, Voich, Joe Carter, Cole "the kid" D.b. Cooper, Jason Levins, Bryan Walton, Greg Jeske, Tommy Dubs, Jenny Dubs, Max W, Capko, Blacky, Pete, Thor, Seth Neefus, Jason Bayne, Brian Crusscup, Jesse House, Dark Forrest, Crazy larry, Cassillo, Curt "gluggs" Johnston, Peter Stowe, Jimmy The Elf, Haggard, Dj Wisker Friction ,Scott Blum, Patrick Swayze, Curt Morgan, Alians, Jeff Schorr, Kelly S, Sketchy D, Clancy, Bobby G, Binky, Kevin Nimick, Brooke G, Dave "whip N walk" Schiff, Devin Appello, Draplin, Willis Kimbal, Asian Toney, Nick Allegretto,Tim Zimmerman, Aj Lightfoot, 2 Jaws, KNIGHT TERROR, and SGT Slater.
No Thanks Joseph - Anger issues...hmmm. Harrasses Women and lies with every breath. The only thing worse than Jc's breath are his ideas (MMA Much?) You not only ruined Grenade but my family too. I hope you get Crabs!
Dk- You let us all down! You were too lazy to "really"care about grenade, you have never had a real job in your whole life and when the time came for you to step up, you wussed out and never stood up to JC and you let him ruin everything "we" all worked for, including yourself!
Pinski. You would show up late for work every day stoned, you only cared about your crappy art shows, and you would take my ideas and sell them to mervin. The only ideas you have are copied, just like your art. Stop copying other people if you are so creative!
Dingo. You are a leach on the balls of snowboarding. Go back to Australia! You are not funny or cool and you dress so bad it really should be a crime! Clean up and get yourself some help!

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