Site-specific sound installation, 2011.
Passive Infrared and Ultra Sonic Range Finder Sensors, Arduino, Max/MSP, 8-Channel Original Audio

21% invites visitors to influence a sound collage in collaboration ‘with’ the trees they walk amongst, as well as with other visitors to the space. The installation took place on October 16, 2011 at the Switched-On Garden in Bartram's Gardens, Philadelphia, PA.

co-created by Dan Scofield and Miriam Simun
Special Thanks to Simone Strifele for use of his sound library

Interview with MOD MTV Brazil:

As visitors breathe amongst the trees, 21% sonifies our interdependence with the plant life around us.

You are colluding with the plant life around you. Trees absorb the noxious gasses we expel,
transforming them into energy as they excrete oxygen, in turn supporting all aerobic life.
21% sonifies this exchange. Visitors use their communal breath to influence the sound collage
and maintain a balance with the plant life in their midst.

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