MediaCentral is pleased to invite members of the foreign press to a briefing on Iran with Prof. David Menashri.

A nuclear Iran could prompt an arms race in the region where Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries would rush to acquire nuclear technology, according to some; others suggest it might also provide a security umbrella to Hamas, Hezbollah and other groups in the region, affecting not only Israel but Iraq, Jordan, Syria and more.

But what of the internal situation in Iran? Are the nuclear weapons program and accompanying sanctions and possible military confrontations expected to bolster support for the regime, or rather lead to further resistance to Khameni, Ahmedinejad, the Revolutionary Guards and their partners?

Professor David Menashri is one of the world's foremost experts on the domestic policies and regional ambitions of Iran. Founder of the Tel Aviv University Center for Iranian Studies, and author of many books and major articles, Menashri will analyze the current situation in light of Tehran's defiance of international law and the challenge the Iranian regime presents to the international community.

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