I gave this talk at the 2011 international conference for the Association for Psychological Type. Its focus is the Hero Archetype and discussing where Americans most typically get their mythic hero images. With the increasing saturation of pop culture, we have displaced the greek myths with a new set of legends that inform Western thought and culture. Our modern-day amphitheater is the movie theater, and our epic poems are our comic books. The modern myth of American identity is told to us through pop-culture's mediums but the Archetypal images remain timeless, and understanding these images give us the keys to open up a greater understanding of ourselves.

According to the work of Dr. John Beebe and Dr. Carl Jung, it is our heroic image that we use to face the world. It is embedded deep within all of us and accessible to all of us—a timeless, eternal image—an Archetype. We rely on this image to overcome our obstacles and circumstances, embracing its power, leadership, and ability. But not all heroes are the same. Understanding our heroic image is vital if we wish to unleash its full potential.

Thanks to the following sources for the movie footage:

Fight Club - youtube.com/watch?v=zngeSzH3cFk
Batman Begins - youtube.com/watch?v=oXjaE3Gst_M
The Dark Knight - youtube.com/watch?v=GDQob4AOCsQ

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