Multi channel video and audio installation.
A project about electrosmog.
At the center of this installation is a sound that is usually inaudible or almost inaudible. The electromagnetic radiation from power lines – electrosmog – surrounds us everywhere in everyday life. It is assumed that this radiation can have effects detrimental to health. Since we cannot perceive it, we repress awareness of its presence. In “Susurrus”, it is made audible in the example of the electromagnetic fields around land-based power lines.
The noises of the respective electromagnetic fields were recorded with a self-built antenna on an audio recorder.
In the installation with several flat screens one landscape with power poles will be reproduced on one screen. Each picture is accompanied by the sounds of its electromagnetic field. Together, the sound frequencies produce an auditory spatial composition. These tones, which suggest danger, contrast with the photographic beauty of the landscapes.
The Latin word “Susurrus” means a rustling, whispering, or murmuring, but also an incongruity or absurdity.
“Susurrus” is part of a worldwide inventory of the electric power industry’s incursions into nature and landscape. After filming in the environs of Berlin, at the end of 2012 Mexico and China will follow.

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