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The Mosaic Engineering VAF-5D2 is a superb add-on for the 5D Mk II which improves image quality in video mode.

Without it detail has a jumpy 'animated' feel, which is eye fatiguing. A lot of false detail is also introduced. The 5D Mark II also suffers badly from moire patterns over fine details such as brick walls, ripples on the surface of water and certain fabrics.

This filter solves the biggest flaw of the 5D Mark II.

The filter reduces all these undesirable effects considerably and allows you to avoid softening the image digitally in-camera, avoiding the unpleasant reduction in resolution that this entails.

This video is 720p to enable a 1:1 view of 1080p so you can see the aliasing and affect of the filter up close, and the full frame in one sequence. The zooms you see are digital from 1:1 out to the full 1080p frame.

Music is by a friend of EOSHD - Herdwhite. Check out his album, recorded in Berlin, on iTunes.

iTunes US - itunes.apple.com/us/album/little-victories/id474003538
iTunes UK - itunes.apple.com/gb/album/little-victories/id474003538

For a full review of the VAF-5D2 on the Canon 5D Mark II go to eoshd.com/content/7120/canon-5d-mark-ii-mosaic-engineering-vaf-5d2-anti-aliasing-filter-review

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