What IS a photoGRAPHICvideo? I created this concept because it is a combination of photography, motion pictures and graphic design. I'm a motion picture director/cameraman who also shoots stills. I have both an Academy Award nomination and Emmy Award to my credit. Using a Nikon D3 and a Hasselblad camera I followed Maroon 5 on the road. With the D3 I naturally applied what I know about story telling to the subject at hand using high speed bursts and straightforward film and digital capture. I shot thousands of images to tell this Story. This resulted in our photoGRAPHICvideo technique. It is a cool technique because it is all about a small production footprint that allows for intimate capture. A fly on the wall with good eye! See more of my work at bobcarmichael.com

Thank you. BC

Director/Photographer Bob Carmichael.
Production Company: Carmichael Photography, Boulder CO
My GREAT partners in art:
Editor: Brad Wetmore. Wetmore Digital Artist, LA, CA
Graphic Creative Director: Danny DelPurgatorio - Vitamin Chicago
Producer Fran Gaccioner, Dallas, TX
Maroon 5
Career Artist Management

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