It's said you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

Through the journey of James we discover that appearances can be deceiving and sometimes we are too quick to judge others.

James is late for his first class at the University of Glasgow and his mind is working overtime as he tries to hurry along his journey, in order to make it to class on time.

James is agitated by the man's behaviour at the bus stop and on the bus, so much so that he moves downstairs. The irony is the man is just as pent up as James, as he's in a rush to collect his car from the garage.

He receives a text telling him the garage will be closing at 5pm and this agitates him further. He is oblivious to James as he is focused on getting his car back and getting off public transport.

The mechanic texts back to tell the man he will meet him on Dumbarton Rd with his car keys so that he can collect his car. When the man steps off the bus and waves across the road to the mechanic, he notices James staring at him & the penny drops that James has been acting 'shady' the whole journey, at the bus stop, on the top deck and now on the bottom deck looking out the window.

As both men go on their separate journeys, they both come away with a first impression of each other. The man tells the mechanic of his encounter on the bus with James and James tells his new classmates, as part of an ice breaker exercise.

In the end they have both been influenced by 'First Impressions' and do not consider the other persons feelings, what's maybe happening in their life or their personal issues. They form an opinion and an impression and as they tell their story, they project that onto others, the cycle keeps on going.

Written & Directed by Joseph Andrew Mclean

A 'Partickular Films' production in Assoc with 'Jam Productions' & 'Cut Filmmaking.'

Moby "Brownie"
Moby "Repeater"
Moby "We Start"
Moby "Look Back In"


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