this collaboration between architect naomi keena and sound artist hervé perez brings both perspectives together by looking at space and spatialisation. both video and sound approach architectural and soundscape design from a very abstract viewpoint, exploring concepts of perception of depth, movement, wavelength and distance using purely digital media.

while the visuals study perceptions of space and depth through intricate visual design and animation of abstract forms, the audio focuses on physical interaction between sound waves to create movements and perspective in order to create a similarly imaginary space.

naomi keena is an architect and designer. her professional international experience as both project architect and team member involves working in all phases of design and construction in high-end residential projects, education, healthcare, landscape regeneration as well as creation and presentation of international exhibits.

hervé perez is a sound artist, composer and performer. his research in the physics of sound, resonance and perception has led him to work on various projects where architecture and acoustics are central. his experience in sound design, location recording as well as live performances and art installations has allowed him to work across europe.

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