Yesterday I went to Vocas in Hilversum, Holland, to touch the Canon C300.
Brought a CF card and made a few shots with my Leica R lenses.
As there is no story and had little time, the shots are very boring. So hope the music will help.. or not.. ;)
The camera was more or less how I expected it to be.. Not perfect by any way. But more perfect than others...
Some day I would love to design my own camera.... The layout is better than most little cameras. But I would love to change a few things.

There is a lot of info on display and viewfinder. You can take them away.. But.. then you loose allso timecode, a REC sign and the Markers.. ?!?! Why Canon? I would love another setting on the display button, so we keep Timecode, a RED Rec indicator and my 2.35:1 marker.

For handholding, a slightly heavier body would be better. Maybe use some more metal on it...

Modular design... Well maybe I would prefer to have the XLR's and sound volume knobs on the body. Not with the display. A small display on the body for the info of whitebalance wafeforms etc.. and keep the viewfinder clean.

The viewfinder... On these knid of cameras, the best I have seen. I can focus with it. But wouldn't it be great to have this detachble, so we could place a great viewfinder anywhere we want, with a magic arm.
Something like this: , but a slightly smaller!

A removable handle on the top stays great!! Especially for transport. On this handle just a removable Mic holder.

Allthough teh Canon-log is ok, it must be possible to get something better. Hope Technicolor will do something like the Cinestyle for the 5D.!! That would be great. That sensor has great potential!!

Hope on future models a few of these things will be changed.

I know Canon will come out soon with a model under the C300 and another model above the C300 !!

Thanks Vocas for giving me the change to make these shots!!

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