This webinar tutorial highlights features implemented in Slicer 4.0

0:44: Introduction
9:40: User interface
12:28: Loading data: Add Data, Sample Data, DICOM
24:05: Visualizing data: Layouts, 3D and 2D Slice views
32:17: Reformat
34:09: Lightbox
35:07: Compare views: crosshair
36:50: Annotations
41:10: Volumes module: volume information, presets, window level, threshold
44:34: Volume Rendering
48:30: Editor: manual segmentation
54:44: Models
56:58: Scene Views
59:14: Save Data
1:00:36: Transforms: manual registration, automatic registration
1:07:26: DWI and fiber tractography
1:13:18: Change tracker
1:17:35: Conclusion

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