DEADLY MEDIA (Stuart Warren-Hill, Hexstatic 1998)

Rewind - NTONE43 2xLP

Hexstatic Presents: Videos Remixes Rarities - ZENCD145 CD + DVD

I was lucky enough to VJ for David Byrne at the Lisbon Expo 1998, which was an amazing experience, and I had purchased a motorized satellite dish specifically for capturing footage to use during his show.

Shortly after the trip to Lisbon I used the satellite dish to scan news channels and randomly recorded broadcasts from all over the world. I then edited the clips using Adobe Premiere on my 100mhz Power PC Mac - this machine seems so slow now. I edited using Premiere like a kind of drum machine. I then cropped each of the news readers in After Effects so that only their mouths remained, because I figured that I might get around the copyright issue in this way.

An English news reader said the words Deadly and Media separately and I put them together to make the title of the piece. It seemed quite apt to me as "the media" seems so clean and friendly on the surface but underneath it can be so destructive, especially in the tabloid press.

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