UPDATE: See this clip and Rgrain in use: vimeo.com/39270417

I took some footage I recently shot of my friends' curling team and wanted to compare the grain in After Effects with my recently purchased Rgrain overlays (rgrain.com). Personally, I think the Rgrain looks better, regardless that the grain is a different size than what I generated in After Effects. AE looks a little too much like video noise to me. I generated 60 seconds of AE grain on a black background, exported in a highest quality .avi, and overlayed similar to Rgrain, I used Screen to blend the AE plate, though, as using Overlay threw the color wildly.

Shot with Andrew Reid's 88Mbits Intra-esting hack, smooth -2/-2/0/+2. WB was set to shade and was still a little hot, but it didn't stop me from getting a nice curve with Mojo (redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/mojo).

Tom Waits, "Satisfied" (tomwaits.com/albums/#/albums/album/34/Bad_As_Me/)

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