Annotated, stabilized video during a session tracking the gaze behavior of a freely-moving nonhuman primate. We were interested in how lemurs, a rather distant relative of humans, use social information to guide eye movements.

One of two example clips illustrating social fixations and locomotor behavior in the male ringtailed lemur "Aracus", sharing an indoor-outdoor enclosure with three females. The lemur viewed through the enclosure wall is a rival male. In this particular demonstration we have marked the lemur subject's point-of-regard in red, and the head and tailbase of follow lemurs in blue. We have stabilized the first (stationary) clip with respect to the external environment.

red = gaze trace (where the lemur is looking)
blue = lemur head and tailbase

For more information, please see:

"Noninvasive telemetric gaze tracking in freely-moving socially-housed prosimian primates."
Shepherd SV, Platt ML.
Methods 38(3):185-194, 2006.

"Spontaneous social orienting and gaze-following in ringtailed lemurs (Lemur catta)."
Shepherd SV, Platt ML.
Animal Cognition 11(1):13-20, 2008.

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