“The worst possible thing you could say to me at the end of a talk is, ‘that was interesting,’” says author and speaker Chuck Blakeman. If someone says that, explains Blakeman, that means, “I spoke to your head, not to your heart and definitely did not speak to your life.”

In this Speakers Showcase, Blakeman tells MSI’s Diane Mulligan that when he goes before an audience he hopes to offer something that the audience “can go out with that’s very practical.”

He hopes that meetings planners are looking for people who both train and motivate because while, “motivational speaking is helpful…it’s also got to be practical.” He suggests that planners not simply settle for people who or are educational or informative, but “people who are transformative.”

Blakeman also tells Mulligan about one of the transformative concepts he’s speaking and writing about, the idea of how technology is reversing some industrial-era aspects of life, including the separation of work and play.

He explains that industrial-era employers only want one portion of a person to report to work and the “messy part” should stay home. With changes in communication technology, Blakeman says, that concept is reversing itself, returning to the way things were before the industrial revolution.

Blakeman is one of a select cadre of speakers and trainers who are represented by Mulligan Speakers International. To learn more about Blakeman and the other MSI speakers, visit mulliganspeakers.com.

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