Owners of EarthRoamer Xpedition Vehicles have the freedom to travel camp and explore on their terms. Gone is the expense and hassle of airline travel and onerous TSA policies. Gone are the hassles of preplanning where you will stay each night and making expensive hotel reservations. Do you want to bring your pets with you, eat the foods that you like and sleep in your own comfortable bed each night? – no problem when you travel in an EarthRoamer. Rather than passing the world by at 30,000 feet, with an EarthRoamer you will be immersing yourself in local cultures and exploring unspoiled places at your own space.

Unlike conventional RVs, EarthRoamer XVs are equipped with all of the capability and support systems necessary to travel confidently and comfortably to remote areas in all weather conditions for extended periods of time. EarthRoamer XVs eliminate the dependence on external electrical, water and sewer hookups of typical RV’s. Many of the most incredible places to visit in the U.S. and throughout the world simply aren’t near a hotel or motel and are inaccessible with traditional RVs. No need for detailed planning to find an RV park with water, sewer and electrical hookups for an oversized RV every night, simply pull your EarthRoamer off the road and enjoy the luxury of your own well-appointed home.

With 253 million of acres of public BLM land, 193 million acres of National Forrest land, 6,624 state parks and 58 national parks in the United States containing thousands of beautiful remote campsites, you could easily spend a lifetime of adventure without ever leaving the U.S. For more adventurous travelers, the world becomes your backyard with an EarthRoamer XV-LT.

Visit us at EarthRoamer.com to learn more.

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