Coming to:Cinefamily LA April 12th thru 18th
Conell Cinema Ithaca New York
Houston Museum of Fine arts April 27th
The Gene Siskel Film Center ,Chicago Ill. Jan 25th thru 31st
Northwest Film Forum. Seattle Feb 1st thru 7th
Walker Art Center Minneapolis Minnesota. Feb 8th and 9th
Time and space limited Hudson New York Jan 10th thru 20th.

"Critic's Pick. Entirely original. . .an inquiry into the darkest zones of the human heart. . .Weaves a complicated, intoxicating spell…a wonder." - A.O. Scott, New York Times

"****[Four Stars!] A monstrous visual achievement… one of the most uniquely humanistic animated features of all time." -Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant

"Recommended! An emotionally raw, thoroughly original film, a labor of painstaking love 15 years in the making….a haunted reverie…constructed of ugliness shot through with moments of unexpected beauty" -- Ian Buckwalter, NPR

. It took Sullivan more than a decade to make (stop motion and cutouts take time), so let it all go down like an 18-year Macallan. It’s like: Todd Solonz went to town with scissors!
DeAnna Janes DailyCandy

Ottawa Animation Festival (Canada); Roxie Theater (San Francisco); Haifa Film Festival (Israel); Vancouver International Film Festival(Canada); Forum du Cinema (Paris); Santa Fe Film Festival; Raindance Film Festival (London, England); Maine Film Festival; Osian's Cinefest (India); Giraffe Animation Festival (Canada); Pacific Film Archives (Berkeley, CA); Chicago International Film Festival; Olympia Film Festival; Denver Starz Film Festival; Northwest Film Forum (Seattle, WA).

Winner: City & State Award, Chicago International Film Festival

Wish me luck. Thank you everyone who has supported this project professionally and personally.

Consuming Spirits is a hand-made independent feature animation shot frame-by-frame on 16mm using paper cut outs, models, and tracing paper cell animation.

It chronicles the lives of three characters who live in a rust belt town called Magguson, and work at its local newspaper The Daily Suggester. They are: Gentian Violet 42: Victor Blue 38: and Earl gray 64, who first appear to be acquaintances. But as the film unfolds, we find they have a long diabolical history, revolving around social service intervention, foster care, romance and hatred. Each character has family secrets to hide, and family secrets to discover. An auto accident one dark and inebriated night causes a crack in the memory vault of these intimate strangers. By films end all parties walk from the woods, both healed and wounded.

Written/Directed/Edited by Chris Sullivan, 16mm to HD, 131 minutes.


MAKING-OF Consuming Spirits:


ESPRITS CONSUMANTS est un film long métrage d’animation indépendant qui chronique les vies de trois habitants Magusson, une ville dans la région rouillée des Etats-Unis. Ils travaillent au journal local, The Daily Suggester ( Le Suggéreur Quotidien). Ce sont: Gentian Violet, 42 ans; Victor Blue, 38 ans; et Earl Gray, 64 ans. À première vue, ils se connaissent simplément. Mais pendant que le film se déroule, on trouve qu'ils ont une longue histoire diabolique, tournant autour de l'intervention des services sociaux, du placement familial, de l'amour et de la haine. Chaque Chacun des personnages va découvrir des secrets de famille qui étaient enfouis. Un accident d'auto par une nuit sombre et inébriée fait une fissure dans la caisse des souvenances pour ces étrangers intimes. À la fin du film, tout le monde sort de la forêt, à la fois guéri et blessé.......amusez-vous.

A O Scott New York Times

Joseph Jon Lanthier, Slant

Priscilla Frank, Huffington Post

Tasha Robinson AV club the Onion,89819/

Thomas Sontinel Le Monde

Buckwalter, NPR

INTERVIEW:Tsha Robinson AV Club,73446/
Monica Westin The Bomb


Presently I am working in pre-production and writing on a *new feature* called THE ORBIT OF MINOR SATELLITES. It is about a forgotten Soviet American space station, on Saturn's moon Mimus. Will be in English and Russian.


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