"Dorothy" was initially a collaboration project called "Twisted Tales" between singer/songwriter Yunyu, manga artist Queenie Chan and theCommonist. The first released song was based on Dorothy who contemplates her fate as her magic shoes no longer work, therefore she is stuck in space.

With the wonderful song by Yunyu, theCommonist wanted to try something more surreal, and came across a concept that, what if the 'space' we were told it's fake? Hence, we designed and made the naive cosmonaut to stuck in a 'man-made space', a space with fake planets and stars, like a planetarium.

Real is Fake is Real, this paradox continues to inspire theCommonist in developing the lost cosmonaut story in our coming short film project called " The Planetarium ".


Dorothy Music Video Credits:

Director: Darrel Chia Chee Sum
Producer: Issarapa Suetrong
CG Prod. Co.: theCommonist KL & Bkk
CG Supervisor: Tai Keck Yuen
Character Design: theCommonist
Story & World Concept: theCommonist

PreVis & Offline Editing: theCommonist
CG Artists: Chaiwat Leeponlasuk, Tu,
Rigger: Phop Wisedchitpol
Layout Artist: Anusart Sapcharoenchai
Animators: Chaiyapak Adireklap, Jiraporn Soonliang
SLR Artist: Nuttakorn Trivittayakorn
Lead Compositors: Tai Keck Yuen, Apichart Noisuk
Colorist & Online: Tai Keck Yuen

Contains samples from John F. Kennedy Moon Speech - Rice Stadium September 12, 1962 Courtesy of AV archives of the JFK Library

Music by Yunyu
The music is not part of the Creative Commons License attributed to the video.

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