When humankind sends a message into the farthest reaches of space it falls on a lowly alien courier to deliver the reply. Unfortunately the courier sent to make first contact with humanity pays less mind to the job in hand than he does to his nagging ex-wife and failed music career.


This is a short film that some people say they can "see a lot of me" in. Probably something to do with the fact that the lead character is ostensibly a massive cock.

In actual fact you can see me it - but only my hands. Right there, holding the plaque in the close up, and you can hear me too. First on the other end of the walkie talkie and then doing a sorta robot voice for 'message mode' FX.

Such egocentric cameo-ing goes against all my better sensibilities so let it stand as testament to the home-made-ness of this film. It was written, produced, directed, edited and even ruddy funded by me. I did the VFX, I did the sound design and, as outlined above, I appeared on camera and on the soundtrack where necessary.

We shot in one mad day because we had to. The prosthetics take ages to put on and I couldn't afford a second shoot day. So special mentions to Katy and Jessica who did the make up & Dan who is inside the alien head because they had a 2am call time. 2 am! Dedication's what you need. Roy Castle would be proud.

Anyway, just imagine what would happen if I had a budget and a bit of time.
Frightening. The quality.

Lots of people gave me their time and talent for free on this and I am hugely grateful to all of the cast, crew and other folks who mucked in to help. Day-rates all round on the next one.

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