A (very) short film created from the material shot during the Shooting Freetown project, Summer 2011.

Watch the full documentary here

Up until independence in 1961, for centuries Sierra Leone's history was one marked by slavery and British colonial rule.

The Rebel War of the 1990s and its immediate aftermath left people with little time to reflect on this history, but amidst the hustle & bustle of Freetown in 2011, evidence of this past can be found all over the city.

British flags remain, now the marker of quality imported goods. Public artwork remembers the pain of the ancestors and the ceremonial costumes of old, traditions which still survive in the provinces.

In King Jimmy Market, once the region's foremost slaving port, the young film-makers of WeOwnTV finish shooting a historical drama called 'They Resisted', in the very same tunnels slaves were once taken down to be boarded on ships to the New World.

A visitor from the land of the former oppressor finds the camera turned on him and old roles being reversed...

Additional camera work by Arthur Pratt.

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