The Wabisabian Manifesto

For over three years we have been browsing, reading, studying, thinking, dreaming, taking notes and having inspiring conversations with people around the world to build our manifesto, the heart of our inspiration lab. Last december we finally wrote our 7 key sentences and now we created this visual experiment to share it with the universe.


We pursue the truth.
Less is [more] better.
We live in the economy of happiness.
We move between imagination and skepticism.
The only constant is [change] chaos.
"Be water, my friend".
Imperfection is beautiful.


Lucy Rojas + Andres Colmenares
The Wabisabians.

Directed and edited x Lucy Rojas
Music: "Feral" x Radiohead (King of Limbs)

Inspired by:
Carl Sagan
Daft Punk
Bruce Lee
Isaac Asimov
Dieter Rams
Pep Guardiola
Tyler Brûlé
Michel Gondry
Thom Yorke
John Maeda
Ray Kurzweil
Renso Rosso
and many other likeminds who share and fuel our vision to change the world.

Shot in random locations across Iceland, Mallorca and Barcelona.

Are you a #wabisabian ? Then share it.
About wabi-sabi inspiration lab.
We explore the future and translate it for b®ands, companies and [consumers] people connecting the digital world with real life, and viceversa.

In other words, we do trend research, digital strategy and experiments.

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