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Years ago I saw, in the advertising museum in Paris, an advertisement made as a digital cartoon. Its particularity was that the creators, from 2H communication agency, did not use shapes to build the animation but mostly words to represent the objects. For example we can see in it the word “TAXI” in 3D, moving with car’s characteristics on the road. I remember that the museum guide explain that it was a totally new concept for the nineties and I guess that it is the first kinetic typography animation. For this assignment I did two animations of 1 minutes each, with a preference for the second one, about a French young rapper Nekfeu.

-Second animation – French rap – on motion 5 – 25 hours

Each times that I am listening a song I imagine my own video clip on my mind. So I get more inspiration to do this work on a song that I like from a young French rap singer. I used behavior for words and keyframe for camera
Contrary to U2 agency I tried some time in the kinetic typography animation to put shape instead of word:
00:13:00 “fille émancipée” mean, “emancipated girl”. That is why I draw a pictogram of girl growing/emancipated
• 21s “ desert” the same as in English desert.
• 28s “obscure” mean dark so, a dark bad film filter is apllied in order to highlight that word
• 33s “posture” same word in English. The singer criticize the government rules, that is why the word is reverse.
• 35s “eduquer” means “education” so I put the logo of a famous university and the university hat
• s39 “ture-voi” slang French word to say “voiture” “car”. This word is reverse as the drawing on the animation
• s44 “la vie m’enfonce” “the life deep me down” so the sentence, right with type on effect, is going down as it express
• s47 “ street” so a road is drawn
• s49 “j’ai besoin d’explication” “I need explaination” act out by an equation
• s50 “noir” = “black” write in black
• s52 “soir” = “evening” there is only one letter changing between “noir”
• s54 “ J’avance” “ I’m moving on” so the camera go ahead.
• s55 “ sortir” get out, represent by an exit emergency sympol.
• 1m01s the singer play with word with a “x” inside so I made all the word cross with their own x


It was my first time with motion and I did not expect that it will take so much hours for 2 minutes of animation. I did the first project on Motion 4 and the second one on motion 5 which one get a lack of filter as “ keying green screen” and export my video in interlace( not other settings). Now I feel more confortable with that amazing tool, I hope to be faster, and for sure I will use it a lot for myself and video project.

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