The non-profit project - Watchmans Hut is a guest artist studio that gives artists the opportunity to commit themselves for a period of self-imposed exile in nature - an opportunity for inspiration, tranquility and reflection in pristine nature.

The project address the human inevitability of leaving traces in a nature one wishes to see untouched.

How do you place a man-made object in a pristine nature?

How do you leave an imprint that not spoil but rather enhance the experience of nature?

We proposed to create a basic hut that is covered with mirrors. By doing so, there emerges a mutual interaction between two seemingly diametrical opposites – culture and nature.

The hut is then perceived through its surroundings and, vice versa, the nature is accentuated through the hut.

Though the single hut reflects the surroundings, the view from inside out is still rather limited. We suggest dividing the hut into different functions – main hut (with sleeping area and kitchen), atelier and bath hut.

We are then able to compose the views/reflections in relation to the surroundings and effectively create a Watchmans Hut that blends in with nature while enhancing the experience for the visitor – a place for inspiration and reflection in nature.

The Watchmans Hut is created in collaboration with artists Anne and Lars Traegde.

Our objective is to create nine Watchmans Hut in the extreme nature of Norway and Sweden... and perhaps other places?

Since it’s a non-profit project, we are currently applying for various funds. Fortunately, the first site has been donated to the project by the municipality of Östra Göinge in Sweden in exchange of one Lars’ sculptures.

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