In the first part of the show I hand out huge gold statues to MMO's that have captured my attention. Here are the categories:

Best Customization
Best Graphics
Best Lore
Best Housing
Best "Fluff" Items
Best Game

Remember, although I asked for input, these are most of the games that I have played over the last year. For example, although I played WAR, I didn't like it so I just left it off the nominees.

In the second part of the show I point to a very particular group of players: those that have deep hate for SOE and have talked (for the last 10 years) about "protesting," "boycotting," or otherwise trying to send a message to SOE about how they feel.

If you play other games, take out SOE and put in place your favorite game developer. Also, take out Smed and put in the boss of your favorite company. It all applies the same.

A lil ranty, a lil rave-ish. All meant in good fun.

Now, go log IN!

Beau Turkey

spouseaggro dot com

spouseaggro at yahoo dot com.

Twitter: spouseaggro

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