Lt. Col. Williams is no stranger to the readers of Second Line of Defense. This is our third time to sit down and discuss with him various aspects of USMC operations. In this interview, we discussed his experience in Bold Alligator 2012. He operated off of the USS Kearsarge in support of the ACE commander for the ESG-MEB.

Throughout the interview, Lt. Col. Williams discussed the C2 challenges as the USMC-USN team evolves from the ARG-MEU to a much larger scope of operation represented by the ESG-MEB force.

In this video excerpt from the interview, Lt. Col. Williams helps understand the nature of the shift and its challenges, notably with regard to Command and Control.

He also underscored how significant the impact of the ESG-MEB can be for enhanced flexibility in military operations. He described how the flexibility of insertion forces operating off the variety of seabase assets.

For earlier discussions with Lt. Col. Williams see

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