This is for the most part behind the scenes footage at Coffee Common, TED 2012.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the Coffee Common organizers for allowing Chris and I to be a part of this beautiful event, and thank all the great baristas I had the privilege to work along-side this week. It was a great experience, and given the opportunity, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Please note: I was limited in what footage I could take as I wasn't able to record attendees, nor during busy periods because it was too crazy. I also missed about half of the baristas taking part in coffee common, so this is by no means a complete video of everyone.

The complete list of all coffee people available here courtesy of

Mike White - Brooklyn, NY.
Eileen Kenny - Melbourne, AUS. Market Lane Coffee
Chris Tellez - Alberta, CAN. Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Devin Chapman - Portland, OR. Coava Coffee
Jesse Crouse - Santa Cruz, CA. Verve Coffee Roasters
Fabrizio Sencion - Guadalajara, MEX. Sublime Coffee Roasters
Allie Caran - Baltimore, MD. Woodberry Kitchen
Trevor Corlett - Farifax, VA. MadCap Coffee Roasters
Håkon Kinn - Oslo, NOR. Stockfleths
Devin Pedde - Los Angeles, CA. Hiatus Coffee
Sarah Dooley - Seattle, WA. La Marzocco USA
Jesse Kahn - New York. Counter Culture Coffee
M’lissa Muckerman - Los Angeles, CA. Intelligentsia Coffee
John Giannakos - Vancouver, CAN. Crema
Nick Purvis - Santa Barbara, CA. The French Press
Jeremy Ho - Calgary, CAN. Phil & Sebastian Coffee
Dan Yee - Sydney, AUS. AIR Coffee Roasters
Kristina Frey Brown - Portland, OR. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Matt Banbury - New York City. Joe
Yeekai Lim - Los Angeles, CA. Cognoscenti Coffee
Christopher Giannakos - Vancouver, CAN. Revolver
Mark Hundley - Providence, RI. Seven Stars Bakery
Anne Lunell - Sweden. Koppi Coffee
Colin Whitcomb - Milwaukee, WI. Madcap Coffee Roasters
Louie Poore - San Rafael, CA. Equator Coffees
David Hermann - Los Angeles, CA. Groundwork Coffee Company
Ryan Knapp - Grand Rapids, MI. MadCap Coffee Roasters
Katie O’Shea - Los Angeles, CA. Primo Passo Coffee Company
Elia Weg - Brooklyn, NY. Gimme! Coffee

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