Client: Playmates Preschools & Child Development Centers, Inc.
Project Title: Mission: Not Impossible - Implementing the Pyramid Model in Early Childhood Classrooms (Birth-3)
Camera: Sony PMW-EX1
Edited using: Final Cut Pro 6, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe After Effects CS5, Maxon Cinema 4D
Info: Filmed on location at the Playmates Preschools & Child Development Center in Huntington, WV

Jeanette Barker
Tracee Hinkle
Tina Watts
Amy Kelly
Jim Harris
Cindy Legrand
Seth Hinkle as Covert Toddler Peek-A-Boo
Lucy Skaff as The Secretary
Luke Watts as Chief Executive

Written, Directed, Edited, and Cinematography by Sheridan Cleland
Story by Sheridan Cleland, Amy Kelly, Tina Watts, Tracee Hinkle
Produced by Playmates Preschools & Child Development Centers, Inc. & Gen11 Studios
Executive Producer: Jeanette Barker
Visual Effects and Animation by James Cleland
Music and Sound Design by Marc Jackson of MoonLab Music
The Gen11 Studios Production Team: Mark Totten, Jared Roush, Samantha Ortt

The Story:
I had been hired to create a new employee orientation video for Playmates. During the first day of filming on that project, Tracee approached me regarding a PowerPoint presentation they were putting together for a conference. She asked if I could help them "jazz it up" a little with some video clips, etc. I agreed, and as the week progressed and ideas were tossed back and forth, their simple PowerPoint evolved into something more...

On the last day of filming for the orientation video, I met with Tracee and Amy and they pitched me their idea of an epic Mission: Impossible-style mini-movie. Sold! I got excited, they got excited, I had MORE ideas, they had even MORE ideas, and the result was indeed an epic thirty-minute mini-movie, complete with theme music, logos, titles, credits, and special FX.

This video is the two-minute opening sequence from the film.

I had so much fun making this project. They were great, the kids were great, I had an awesome crew, and it was just a great experience overall. Plus, I've never seen a corporate video quite like this before!

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