Once a bustling fishing village, Chek Geng, the place where my father was born is now derelict - home to wild monkeys, oxen and rabid dogs. Most of the population abandoned the village in the 60s to look for work elsewhere. Most of my family on my father's side went as far as to Ireland and the United Kingdom. As our elders grow older, my generation of family members took great interest in our heritage.

I visit there when I can as that's also where my ancestors are buried. The grave you see in the video was actually rebuilt in 2010. Before it was nothing more than a ditch, hidden away in the mountain surrounded by thick trees and foliage.

The village has great potential if it were ever renovated. Surrounding it is a picturesque seafront, hiking trails and leads to Hong Kong's greatest beach and surfing haven, Tai Long Wan. If you live or visit Hong Kong and want to visit Chek Geng, go to Sai Kung and take the no. 94 bus all the way to Shek Kong pier. There are several waterborne options to get to Chek Geng from there. Or if you're up to it, you can also hike there.

Shot with Sony NEX-5N (1080/50p) and Lomo UKBK 25-100mm T3.3 cinema zoom lens.
Graded with Mojo and CineGrain.

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