The subject of circuit bending provokes the question: Can it be considered "real music" if it is performed on deranged Fisher Price toy keyboards and Speak & Spells? Music, as defined in its most base terms, is merely a series of rhythmic vibrations at different pitches and tones.

By that definition, anything from blenders to popping bubble wrap could be used to create music. Circuit bending is a unique departure from conventional synthesis. It is, by its nature, chaotic and random.

In August, I shot an interview with musician Chris Wild aka Igor Amokian. He talks about how he developed an interest in circuit bending, discusses the mindset behind it, and demonstrates several of his toys on camera.

This is Part Two of a 40 minute piece, which is cut with live footage from several shows that Chris performed with at Resbox and Bend This 3 at the Echo Curio Gallery. This episode is more abrasive and less compromising than Part I. It showcases more of Chris' experimental music and abstract videos that I enhanced with additional visual fx.

Part One can be seen here:

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