Wake up, quest, grind, kill gnomes, kill murlocs, log out, sleep, repeat. That is the life of a person who dreams about WoW all the day.

Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of YouTube I had a mail in my inbox. It had a link to an mp3 and a request to machinimate that song. I commanded the mp3 file to download itself to my hard drive and it happened.

After listening to the song, I answered "HELL YES I'LL MACHINIMATE THIS" towards the request.

The original song is by KoRn, this version is done by Electric Sex Pants, myspace.com/electricsexpants

But that was not all.. then, an idea came to me: lots of gnomes must give their life for the sake of art. I asked my fellow WoW players to send me in a WoW model viewer file of their gnome. The gnome was to die in this machinima.

I got over 80 gnomes from people all around the world, but only a handful of them were used.

Visit baronsoosdon.com to see what's cooking or visit the #machinima channel on Quakenet IRC!

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