Note: The hiss at the beginning and end of the video is due to the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) of my 550D camera that boosts the volume when doesn't detect sound. I'm connecting my mixer outputs to my camera through an attenuator cable i made that allows line inputs to be connected to the cannon's mic inputs without distorting the sound, although this does not disable the camera AGC:

In the video you can see 3 ADDAC701 VCO's in action.
it starts with all three in rectangular waveforms with fast pwm modulation through the ADDAC502 Lissajous Curves.
ADDAC501 Complex Random in Quantized mode is used to generate the notes heard at a fixed speed.
The video goes through with all 3 VCO's in Saw waveform, then in Triangle and last with Sine Waveform.

A detailed description of the patch:

Audio Path:
All three ADDAC701 VCO's are connected to ADDAC801 Simple Mixer from their AUX OUT+
Second and third VCO's are also connected to the bottom oscilloscope of ADDAC205 Dual Oscilloscope from their AUX OUT- output.
The ADDAC801 Output is both connected to the sound system and to the top oscilloscope of ADDAC205 Dual Oscilloscope

Control Path:
Each of the 3 ADDAC501 Complex Random outputs is conneced to each VCO, controlling their frequency, ADDAC501 is in Quantized Mode.

3 outputs of the ADDAC502 Lissajous Curves are connected to the PWM of each VCO.

Modules Used:

more info:

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