Meet Rick (24) and Frank (27), 2 TV and Film makers from the Netherlands.
In their second big adventure Rick & Frank travel across the world to visit the land of the rising sun known as Japan. Starting there journey in the heart of Tokyo, the two tall Dutch guys Couchsurf their way trough the city on a low budget to discover the rich Japanese culture and making new friends quickly. While Frank, as a life long martial arts fanatic, focuses his view on traditional Japan and starring in a Martial Arts production, Rick aims his arrows at modern Japan and the craziness that comes with it as his main goal is to be in a typical Japanese tv show.
The two Europeans soon find out that with no cultural research and no knowledge of the language what so ever Tokyo is a tough place to be at. Though making new friends soon pays out as they dive deeper into their newly discovered world and falling from one surprise into another..

This series is al made on own initiative and no TV network was involved in the making process. So to help Making Japan get big in The world please feel free to share if you care ;).

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Rick and Frank

Shot by Frank and Rick
Editing: Frank van Rooijen
Voice Over: Dennis Overeem
Animation work: David Hazeleger
Audio Mixing: Sam Huisman

tech geek specs:
2x Canon XF100
1x Canon 7D
1x GoPro HD Hero
2x Sennheiser EW112

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