This week:
1. Adventist ministerial interns use more effective methods to win converts;
2. Dr James Wright awarded Citizen of the Year;
3. UK kids are encouraged to turn an Easter egg into real eggs for hungry African families;
4. Frontline evangelists meet in Sydney to receive hundreds of ideas to improve their soul winning skills;
5. Computer games are condemned for being as addictive as cocaine;
6. Seven network will screen Life of Jesus special on Good Friday for Australian audiences;
7. Kids matter to kiwi Christian audiences;
8. A new Christian TV program will encourage Arabic women and youth to maintain their Christian faith;
9. More pornography is available to children on the internet despite efforts to manage it in Australia;
10. Floods ravage homes in Mt Hagen, PNG;
11. The largest churches in the world reveal they are made up of small groups.

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