Producers: Tom Simon and Sarah Teale
Edited by: Geof Bartz,
Music: Jamie Lawrence
Camera & Sound: Tom Simon
Associate Producer: David Pontillo Supervising Producer: John Hoffman
Executive Producers: Sheila Nevins

Three years in the making, Death On A Factory Farm follows “Pete,” an investigator who appeared in our 2006 HBO film Dealing Dogs, as he investigates charges of animal cruelty on a central Ohio hog farm. Wearing a hidden camera he documented numerous disturbing scenes including piglets being tossed into crates from across a room, an unhealthy piglet being slammed against a wall to euthanize it, and finally, sick sows being hung by a chain from a forklift until they choked to death.

Based on the evidence Pete gathered, prosecutors filed ten charges of animal cruelty against the farm’s owners and one employee. Our cameras then take viewers inside the courtroom, where the prosecution and defense wage a tense battle over the legality and morality of practices rarely seen by the public. The judge presiding over the case described them as “distasteful and offensive,” but farm owner Ken Wiles and other members of the tight-knit Ohio farming community defend as the commonplace reality of producing livestock for consumption.

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