This video has a short intro and then moves into extended coverage of the game.

With the Marlies leading the best of seven series three games to zero, the main story line tonight was the return of Rebels captain Robert Fabbri. Fabbri missed the first three games of the series due to a suspension and it was evident the Rebels missed his ability to score, hit and just cause sh*t...

Fabbri played a large role in the game, scoring once, landing several nice hits, taking a cheap shot on Connor McDavid late in the game and then blocking a shot in the last minute. In other words he did his job effectively.

Sadly there were way too many instances of the net being dislodged by the goalies, especially on the Marlies side. This slowed down the game and really made a travesty of it. Fortunately, the Hockey Gods were also pissed off and punished the Marlies, allowing the Rebels to storm back with four unanswered goals. This seemed to happen shortly after each time the net was kicked off, hence the reference to Karma in the video. C'mon guys, play fair and ethically, there's no need to flaunt the rules and make a mockery of this great game.

Game 5 video to follow shortly.


Dave Wells
Performance Goaltending

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