Tim Carr and Monique Jenkinson co-direct this trippy kiddie birthday party for Fame Whore, 7 year old Travis.

From the San Francisco Bay Guardian

"We were tickled earlier this year by local songsmith Tim Carr's clever "Shake Your Caboose" video -- now comes a Gaga-ripping, kiddy-hip clip for "Fame Whore" from his forthcoming album The Shadows, due out in December. How many infantilized SF club kids can you spot? "

This is the first single from "The Shadows", Tim Carr's second LP. Album and single available on ITunes.

Starring: Fauxnique, Travis Santell Rowland, Raya Light, Moxie Gumption, Raya Light, Pearl Marill, Downey Friend, Evan Johnson, Loren R. Robertson, Johnny Kat, and Tim Carr.

Directed by: Monique Jenkinson and Tim Carr
Choreography by: Monique Jenkinson and Travis Santell Rowland
Director of Photography: Ben Estabrook
Produced by: Tim Carr, Jen Laursen, and Kristin Laursen

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