Once again, God never ceases to amaze me. A sunny day in the morning somehow turned into grey skies in the evening and it started pouring just an hour away from James and Marie's ceremony. Chairs that were arranged had to be kept, flower arrangements to be put on hold and guests were eagerly waiting for what's going to happen next.

This was a very short conversation I had with James when he was hanging around the beautiful Spanish Courtyard area of Tropicana Golf & Country Resort:

Me : Is there a Plan B?
James : There are currently two other options.
*goes on telling me about it*
Me : I really hope the rain stops.
James : Me too. But if doesn't, it's just gonna me and Marie out there. She wants to get married under the flowers.
Me : I'm gonna pray about it. And get umbrellas. *goes off looking for umbrellas*

Shortly after that, guess what?
The rain stopped.
The flower arrangers came out.
Chairs were being placed back.
And the guests all got seated down.

What seemed impossible (for the rain to just stop immediately) at that moment became possible and I believe God had a hand in it. Because right after the ceremony and group photos were done with, the rain came back. It was like God put a hold on it so that everyone could witness up-close and personal the union of James and Marie. Amazing day indeed.

With family members and friends from all over the world especially from New Zealand, it was a beautiful celebration of love for the both of them. May God bless you both abundantly in your married life!

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Much thanks to Ren who captured
so many great moments and also
Stanley for assisting throughout the day.

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