- The Grand Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2011 (SCREENED)
- Fringe East London Gay Film Festival, UK. 2012
- Pink Apple Film Festival, Zurich, Switzerland. 2012
- Odense Talent Camp, Denmark 2012 (SCREENED)
- Nordischer Klang film festival, Greifswald, Germany. 2012
- Odense Internationale Film Festival, Denmark. 2012
- The Kinemathek Karlsruhe Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Germany. 2012
- Copenhagen MIX! Denmark. 2012
- MEZIPATRA, Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. 2012.
- Support Screening for the film OWN DRUM, Berlin, Germany. 2012 (SCREENED)
- Some Prefer Cake Festival, Italy. 2012
- Hamburg International Queer Film festival, Garmany. 2012
- Vinokino filmfestival, Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä and Tampere, Finland. 2012
- Esslingen Film Festival, Garmany. 2012
- Perlen Queer Film Festival, Hannover, Garmany. 2012
- QueerFilmFest Rostock, Garmany. 2012
- Queer film Festival, Bremen, Garmany. 2012
- FilmSlam Husets Biograf, Copenhagen, Denmark. 2013 (SCREENED)
- Perth Lesbian Film Festival, Australia. 2013 (WON: The Special Mention Price)
- Identities Queer Film Festival, Vienna, Austria. 2013
- Out Takes Film Festival, Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand. 2013
- Boston LGBT film festival, USA. 2013
- Hohto Festival, Finland. 2013
- Festival Mix Milano, Italy, 2013
- Support Screening for SOS Children's Villages by Esther Wheeler, London, England. 2013 (SCREENED)
- Chéries-Chéris, Paris, France. 2013
- Czech Republic national television. 2013. (SCREENED)
- The Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. USA. 2013
- Wisconsin-Milwaukee film festival. USA. 2013
- Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin. Germany. 2013
- QUEERSICHT Filmfestival Bern, Switzerland. 2013


The film is about a young quiet girl (Sofia), who experience a strong fascination with the female talent (Trine) in their fencing club, but when Trine gets selected to train in the big club Heidenhein in Germany, Sofia has only one evening to take action and find out what this fascination includes, but she is conflicted between her family and her own will. Sofia finally acknowledges that she must overcome her own limitations and make her own choices and engage in a last attempt to have this fascination clarified.

Director: Oliver Tonning
Producer : Marisol Ortiz
Photographer: Nicholas Bluff
Idea : Marisol Ortiz
Script : Oliver Tonning
Caster : Philip Christensen
Audio Operator; Gustav Spanget

Sofia : Luise Skov
Trine : Anna Stokholm
Coach : Dan Zahle
Dad : Thomas Kirk
Mom : Ann Hjort

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