"For one year, I walked and rolled the streets of Barcelona with my vintage VHS-C camera on my shoulder, documenting the Powerhouse Studio and its guests to the fullest. I choose to do this with a traditional style we can all relate to... The analog handheld movies our families once shot of our childhood. These were the films that featured life in its most real moments. The goal was to recreate this esthetic, but with more thought on cinematography then that which our fathers ever had while pointing his camera at us, laughing and living our lives. This cinematography and subject, combined with a quality soundtrack, would create a far more entertaining film. More so, than the ones that your parents most likely forced you to sit and watch, every time a new guest came over for coffee.

In one sense this is just another home movie of some peoples boring travels, but in another, its a different approach to presenting to you, your friends and idols doing what they love most. I would soon like to share with you a free full length video, with a behind the scenes look at the many rollerbladers lives and adventures in the Powerhouse."

-Dustin Werbeski

Presented By:

Filmed and Edited By:
Dustin Werbeski

Additional Filming By:
Most guests of the studio.

A list of names to long to list...

Trailer Song:
M83-Raconte-Moi Histoire

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