Dylan Culhane recently shot this great music video for Beach Party with the relatively new Lomokino. The video was shot on the first Lomokino in the country, thus being the first music video to be shot on a Lomokino in South Africa, if not the world. We caught up with Dylan to hear more about how the project came about and his experience with the Lomokino and Beach Party.

'I actually started getting serious with photography via Lomography about 10 years ago. The ethos of spontaneity and the gritty analogue aesthetic really drew me in... in fact, the 'don't think just shoot' philosophy has really informed a lot of my subsequent work. When I first heard about the LomoKino I knew it was a toy I had to play with. Rio (Allen) managed to order the very first one in the country, and approached me to shoot something on it. We knew early on that we wanted to do a music video and set about trying to find a band whose music suited the loose, raw Lomo aesthetic. Beach Party had just started playing a few gigs in Cape Town, and we knew they were perfect as soon as we heard them. Luckily they were very keen on the idea, and agreed to collaborate on this production. They were so much fun to work with - we literally just spent a day fucking around in different parts of Cape Town, documenting the shenanigans like a creepy uncle with an 8mm camera. It was a really challenging process, figuring out how to develop and scan all the images to create a video, but Exposure Gallery were really generous in donating and scanning the film, and ORMS did all the developing for us. Ultimately it's a stop motion animation comprised of thousands of still images shot on 35mm film. The result was even better than we expected, and I think Beach Party's track is the perfect accompaniment to this visual experiment.' - Dylan Culhane

Directed, photographed, and edited by Dylan Culhane
Produced by Riordan Allen
Styling by Alex Price

Special thanks to Fernando Badiali at Exposure Gallery/Lomography ZA, Francois Nel and Larry Leyden at Orms, Regardt Voges, Fay Jackson, and of course Beach Party.

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