Liz-Val Interview - Joyful Journey Through Creative Exploration

Liz and Val did a lot of exploring of their artistic expression, experimenting all the platforms that were available for their thirst to push the boundaries outside of the mainstream mold. They seek to boil the blood circulating through the veins of the establishment forcing them to engage, to take notice of what is underground? 
They push many envelopes that were perceived to be or not idealistically speaking of being in the mainstream. Their drives to not let the institution dictates what is the meaning 
of art making, expressing to how they went about it all. 

Thanks to their views, their love to just be themselves gives others who share similar views the same freedom or will; to not just settle for what may have been viewed as a dark hole for many artist that were not embraced by the ideologues of many institutions. It was a great pleasure to have interviewed them, in which I believe they serve a great deal of courage to the culture of art and the process which gave them great pride to carry out their boldistic goals to not maintain or carryout the status quo. Liz and Val a pair of bold and genuine expressionists.

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