Nedap has been active in the security industry for over 30 years. Since 10 years Nedap markets the security management system AEOS. The AEOS Security Management Platform is the only system in the world that not only meets today’s security requirements, but is also prepared for future security demands. Where other solutions are based on fixed hardware, Nedap Security Management has based its solution on generic hardware and specific software. AEOS combines and integrates processes like access control, visitor management, intrusion detection and IP video control.

In 2011 Nedap decided to redesign the graphical user interface of AEOS. Wouter Kersteman, graduated Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology is hired as interaction designer for AEOS. He gives a brief explanation of the re-design process:

The development of the new GUI started by conducting a user study of current AEOS users. One of the findings is that usability has become one of the major concerns for the security manager. A user friendly system is easy to learn, improves the workflow, reduces errors and satisfies the user’s needs. This eventually translates to the effectiveness and success of the security system.

Nedap has chosen for a fundamental approach to completely rebuild the graphical user interface from scratch, and not to just restyle the current GUI. Over the last 10 years AEOS has grown significantly with regard to functionality. The added functionality could not be sustained by the current user interface. The menus grew to large and confusing. From a usability perspective this meant completely rethink the interaction and navigation flows.

The new AEOS 3.0 user interface comes with a fresh look that suits today. The dashboard provides the user with a quick overview of all tasks. With simple search and navigation tools, every task can be accomplished within just a few mouse clicks. Strong multi-task features will increase the level of service at the reception desk: no queuing as the receptionist can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Production :
Montage : Michiel Boogerman
Sound Design/Mastering : Maarten Boogerman

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