I basically be airing out my closet, as I want to make this site more of a personal diary for a lack of a better phrase of my what I have been up to and soon I want to just post constantly what I am working on. First is getting through all the old stuff. This is a funny post because I didn't really do much, I was asked to make this a clean version which just in tails taking a list of corrections from MTV and the clean edit of the song and putting it all back together.

I guess my real reason for posting is the scheming part, I am, I want to be be great one day and I feel I have been able to work with some of the best and edits like this sort of prove that. I am there ready to work and Spiff is just like yo, handle one of my hottest videos of the year, I wish I could have edited this one, but its all good, back in grunt work is cool to from time to time.

I am like an apprentice or a workhorse for Spiff, he is great director so I don't mind the demands but at the same time I know what I have learned from him and all the other great directors will only sculpt the work I have been doing and whats to come in the future.


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