A dischevelled weakling in a gloomy basement plays a videogame for several days consecutively, sustained by junk food & motivated by simplistic a/v rewards. The film is intended as an illustration of a portion of the lecture "Design Reboot" delivered by noted videogame creator Mr. Jonathan Blow, whose voice can be heard. The film includes 8-bit Elizabethan "chiptune" music by the Super Madrigal Brothers as well as sound effects by composer Todd Mazierski.

Warnings: The film clip, brief as it is, runs the serious risk of misrepresenting the depth and breadth of Mr. Jonathan Blow's thoughts on this subject. We encourage you to listen to the lecture in its entirety, it is now available online for absolutely free at urls like this one:

Production notes: DESIGN REBOOT HD began as a series of slides intending to carve out a generic fantasy videogame aesthetic, these slides became the clip above which was first shown at a DIY videogame event in Toronto in spring 2008. The aesthetic of this clip helped lay a foundation for Sword & Sworcery, which began a year a later. The concept and design of Sword & Sworcery were intended to harness the unique expressive power of videogames to create something worthwhile and heartfelt.

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